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Paxlovid for Covid-19: Was I Wrong About Rebound Infection?

Today we explore the remarkable drug Paxlovid before turning to a new report suggesting we were wrong. The drug now appears not associated with a higher probability of COVID-19 re-infection.

Twitter’s Decision to Stand-down on COVID Misinformation Highlights a New Symptom — “Trust Deregulation”

If Twitter and Elon Musk Fail and Fall, Who Will Celebrate? Twitter and COVID misinformation monitoring.

Why Won’t More Older Americans Get Their Covid Booster?

A central question for scientists championing boosters is why rates have stalled among people 65 and older.

The New COVID Variant — A Striking Symptom You Should Know About

XBB.1.16 (ARCTURUS) IS ON THE RISE WORLDWIDE. The new variant is highly contagious. Today we look at the new COVID variant and one striking symptom you should know about. First, a quick look at Shakespeare’s take on pandemics.