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Early career at the National Cancer Institute's Baltimore Cancer Research Center developing new approaches to infection prevention and treatment of leukemia and lymphoma patients. Then the head of infectious diseases and director of the University of Maryland Cancer Center followed by senior leadership positions in the Medical School and Medical System culminating as CEO of the University of Maryland Medical Center. Now the author of 7 books on health and wellness, our dysfunctional healthcare delivery system & the crisis in primary care. Lover of nature. Happily married for 58 years.
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Yale School of Medicne
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Infection in Cancer Patients. Organization, Leadership, Governance, and Operation of Academic Medical Centers. Fixing the primary care crisis Advances in medicine - science and technology. The evolving healthcare delivery process. The 21st-century plague - obesity and its associated diseases. Coping with the coronavirus pandemic.
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2 months ago no Comment

Long Covid after “mild” infection is common, can be devastating and can last for a long time. Among the Long Covid syndromes are intense fatigue, brain fog, sleep difficulties, fevers, GI disturbances, mental and neuro syndromes such as anxiety and depression, headaches, along with heart damage and heart rate irregularities. In this 4th in this series on Long Covid, I […]

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Eleanor, a friend who is vaccinated and boosted, was always very careful about contacts with others. She met with a small group of friends for a holiday dinner, each of whom had also been vaccinated and boosted. A few days later one friend called to say that he had been diagnosed with Covid-19. She went […]

2 months ago no Comment

“I was vaccinated but developed a Covid infection shortly before being eligible for a booster shot. I had a fever and fatigue which lasted for about a week. Labeled by the doctor as “mild,” I felt awful and would not wish it on anyone. But because of persistent fatigue, I had to take a leave […]

4 months ago no Comment

It is still a very experimental procedure, but it likely will be improved rapidly in the coming years and may become the standard approach one day. There are nowhere near enough donated human organs to transplant into the number of patients who need them. As a result, many patients die well before an organ becomes […]

Covid Vaccine Booster
10 months ago no Comment

An argument in favor of getting your Covid vaccine booster, particularly if you’re in an at-risk category or were vaccinated months ago.

Where is the Beef
11 months ago no Comment

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods burgers are not meat but they are not whole plant food either. A look at two new plant based Beef substitutes.

11 months ago no Comment

Covid Conspiracy Theories abound and evidence suggests less educated people are more likely to believe in them. An examination of

Watercolor by Carol Schimpff
1 year ago no Comment

The concept of breakthrough is when a fully vaccinated person later gets an infection. It is important to remember that not everyone responds to vaccines equally.

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