Eco Health and Related Disease




Climate Change Raises the Danger of Violence Toward Women

No one needs to be told that tempers flare with rising temperatures or that climate change is having a major effect on women and girls in terms of violence, and research is showing it.

Nine in 10 ESG Practitioners See Strong Reporting as a Competitive Advantage

According to a recent survey conducted with ESG professionals, a staggering 90% of respondents believe that strong reporting and data management can significantly boost competitiveness.

An Honest Explanation of Climate Denial

Lord David Frost recently downplayed the urgency of climate warming mitigation, suggesting that the UK manage this with air conditioning and structural changes to buildings. However, his stance seems dangerously shortsighted with looming threats like disease transmission from the tiger mosquito and potentially catastrophic shifts in weather patterns due to the Gulf Stream's instability. It's critical to approach climate change with the gravity and urgency it warrants, prioritising long-term safety over short-term convenience.

Climate, Environment and the Future of Epidemics

How climate change and human activity are the tipping points for infectious diseases of epidemic proportions