These Vaccinated Groups are Still at Risk of Severe Covid, UK Study Finds

Post Covid-19 vaccination, some patient groups are still at risk of developing severe Covid, according to findings from a new UK study.

Robert F Kennedy Jnr Appropriates Racism and Apartheid To Fuel Vaccine Fear

Robert F Kennedy Jnr's latest movie, Medical Racism, the New Apartheid is pure appropriation of racism and culture to fuel his aniti-vaccine campaign

Experimental Drug Blocks COVID-19 Viral Entry into Lung Cells

An experimental compound prevents the virus that causes COVID-19 from entering human airway cells, a new study finds.

Healthcare Workers Show Their Faith in the Covid Vaccine #vaccinechallenge

Join our #vaccinechallenge. We're Inviting doctors to send us links to their vaccination video and we''ll make you famous. Show your patients and let's help build trust in the Covid vaccine.