Is Social Media the Answer to Mental Health Problems? Do Masks Play a Role?

Always available with hundreds or thousands of listening ears and scanning eyes, social media has taken over communications, but has it always provided a benefit?

The Complete Dummies Guide to Covid PCR Testing for Conspiracy Fans

PCR tests have revolutionized many areas of Medicine and are very reliable tools that are dependent on being used correctly to ensure accuracy

Houston Hospital First In Nation to Require Staff Covid-19 Vaccinations

Texas The Houston Methodist Hospital System is now the first US hospital to require all staff to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Vaccines and Mandates Could Be the Undoing of the Democratic Party

This article refers to the Covid treatments as "vaccinations." It's important to note that these medical interventions are not vaccines at all. They do not prevent infection or transmission but rather life-protecting treatments designed to reduce the onset of severe symptoms, much like seasonal influenza shots.