Antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 May Only Last 2–3 Months, Study Says

A big question on the minds of clinicians and researchers alike is how long does immunity against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID 19, last?

Wadhwani Foundation $1 Million In Grants for Covid Families in India

Wadhwani Foundation Announces $1 Million In Grants To Immediately Help Indian Families Impacted By Covid-19. Donations to 10 charities and organizations will provide medical and financial assistance to patients and families to help reduce the devastating impact and slow COVID-19 spread.

What’s Been So Maddening (and Humbling) About Covid-19

A doctor writes about his frustration with Covid-19 and how humbling the experience has been

North Texas Obgyns Need to Know About Monoclonal Antibodies for Covid-19

Obgyn physicians and women's health providers must help pregnant people find access to monoclonal antibody therapy during the early stages of a Covid-19 infection to help prevent severe disease and death.