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Dr. Hesham A. Hassaballa is a NY Times featured Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine specialist in clinical practice for over 20 years. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Critical Care Medicine, and Sleep Medicine. He is a prolific writer, with dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles and medical blog posts. He is a Physician Leader and published author. His latest book is "Code Blue," a medical thriller.
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Pulmonary Disease Critical Care Medicine Sleep Medicine
4 weeks ago no Comment

It can be a random sound, or picture, or song, and that is all it takes to bring it all roaring back. This last time, it was during my cousin’s wedding. The DJ played “Forever” by Chris Brown, and as soon as I heard it, all the memories flooded my mind. My eldest daughter and […]

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Eventually, the news organizations will leave Uvalde, Texas. Eventually, the camera lights will turn off. Eventually, the platitudes of politicians will go silent. Eventually, the national attention to the tragedy that has unfolded at Robb Elementary School will wane and move on to something else. The horror of the loss will not fade. The searing […]

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I am willing to concede that I may have been wrong about the importance of mask mandates, not from a viral transmission perspective, but from a social cohesion perspective.

2 months ago no Comment

RaDonda Vaught, the former Tennessee nurse convicted of two felonies related to a drug error, was sentenced to three years probation on May 13, 2022 (during Nurses Week, in fact). What’s more, she was granted a judicial diversion, which means that the conviction will be expunged if she completes a three-year probation. Universally, there has […]

2 months ago no Comment

The medical logic is perfect: the patient has suffered a catastrophic brain injury, and it is unlikely that she will ever wake up again; my other patient will likely need the ventilator for many more days and will need a surgery to connect the airway to his neck, called a tracheostomy. To me, as an […]

3 months ago no Comment

I am a man of deep faith. I am not even close to the standards to which I aspire every day, and at the same time, I will die trying to be the best believer I can be. It is impossible that I leave my faith at the door of the ICU; it is part […]

4 months ago no Comment

“Did you do the Wordle?” “Wait!! Don’t tell me! I haven’t done it yet!” Almost every day, these words are likely repeated all across our country, if not the world. Every day, I look forward to the next crack at guessing the five-letter word within six tries, and I look forward to sharing my results […]

5 months ago no Comment

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control published a report on the number excess deaths related to COVID-19. “Excess deaths” are those deaths that occurred above and beyond what is typical in a time period. The numbers are staggering, as reported by the Washington Post: “The excess-deaths figure surpassed the milestone last week, reaching 1,023,916, according […]

5 months ago no Comment

There is character from Greek mythology named Sisyphus. This man was condemned to push a large boulder up a hill, only to have that boulder fall back down the bottom right as he reached the top. Sisyphus is then forced to go back to the bottom of the hill and push the boulder back up […]

6 months ago no Comment

Thank you, Dr. King, for giving your life so my children and I can have a better one. We are eternally grateful for all you have done.

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