The Diversion of Drugs Within Healthcare Needs to be Addressed

The Protenus Drug Diversion Digest found that over half of diversion incidents took place in a hospital, medical center, or physician practice setting

HealthTap Launches Care Orchestration to Drive Timely Use of Employee Benefits

With Care Orchestration, HealthTap doctors maximize the value of employee benefits through recommendations at point-of-care

Vitaccess is Reshaping Digital Health in the U.K.

Medika has identified Vitaccess for our Healthcare Innovation watch list. This UK based Digital Startup offers innovative and exciting approaches to data management that directly benefit patient outcomes.

When It Comes to Medicine – The Smartest Person in the Room Is the Patient!

Move over chatbots! It’s time to recognize that the smartest person in the room may not be the robot, rather patient experience creating a new type of dialogue through conversational AI. Conversational AI is a cutting-edge form of artificial intelligence enabling consumers to interact with computer applications the way they would with other humans.