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Marux Offers an Innovative A.I. Solution for Emergency Responders and Medical Professionals

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At a glance

Company Name: Marux
Established: 2019
Company Type: MARUX, INC. (Identification Number: 802516267)
Field: AI Healthcare Software Solutions
Location: 6001 Cass Ave, 2nd Floor WeWork, Detroit, Michigan, 48202
Official Website:
Vision: We envision becoming a default embedded solution for all emergency responders and medical personnel.

Marux Website

Core Product/Innovation/Service

Marux has developed a real-time AI-enabled remote monitoring app assisting medical care providers. Their solution offers a machine learning diagnostic application that streamlines critical care and seeks to address the following key issue.

Every 12 seconds a 911 emergency call is made. Thousands of lives could be saved by reducing emergency response times by just one minute. Faster medical diagnostics could save thousands more. Envision AI technology addresses these critical situations relaying vital diagnostic information to incoming emergency personnel and hospitals.

The solution seeks to improve response time in medical emergencies with instant availability of patient diagnostics and vitals, crucial in saving lives. MARUX™ can help save time in properly assessing and doing a pre-diagnostic on incoming patients.

It is achieved by real-time accident detection and instant AI-powered accident (health) data analytics in Marux cloud and real-time notification and streaming of data to first responders. Their CEO, Jonathan Lightning Rayos explains in the video below.

MARUX™ has three provisional patents in USA, Europe and China secured for their data process flow, integrated AI and real-time data capture software. They currently have commitment letters from international automotive suppliers for the use of their pilot program, as well as a scaled role out of their capabilities within a few key major metropolitan hospitals and EMS groups.

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Meet the founders

Jonathan Lightning Rayos
CEO | Founder
Email: None
Bio: Has the superpowers of seeing into the deep future. Ability to design, code, transform and lead a team for digital transformation. Founded three technology companies in media, and hardware. Two successful exits & design patents. Self-taught in JavaScript, Python, Unity. Passionate and self-trained in golf, triathlons, snowboarding, and simulation racing.
Connect: Linkedin | Twitter

Michael ​D’Orazio
COO | Co-Founder
Email: None
Bio: With the superpowers to build and connect. Has vast expertise of centralizing teams of auto-mobility users. Founded a leading consulting firm for the OEM and Tier-1 sector in services, solutions, and systems applications. Passionate about Italian culture, classic cars, motorcycles, and family.
Connect: Linkedin | Twitter

Darko Stanimirovic
CTO | Co-Founder
Email: None
Bio: Over 10 years of experience in AR, XR, ML leadership. Master of Science degrees in Computer Vision + Robotics. Thesis in intelligence autonomous systems. Patent in ML, AR utilization. Has the brains and the brawn to lead designers and coders.
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