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Ever wondered what motivates doctors to write? The answers may surprise you. Welcome to Medika’s author interviews with some of our more prolific authors. These professionals have been kind enough to allow us a glimpse into their lives as they share what motivates them, why medicine is important to them and how they view the writing process.

About Michael

Dr. Michael Burg is an Academic Emergency Physician. He is passionate about writing, medical humanities & education, and international. emergency medicine. He enjoys adventure, traveling and exploration and his goal is to retire to the life of a digital nomad.

Tell us a little about yourself Michael. Where were you born and do you still live in your birth country? Tell us a little about your family and what made you choose your current field.

I was born in Brooklyn NY and have lived, gone to school and worked all over the place. I now live in California on the glorious Central Coast. I’m the oldest of 3 children and both my parents have died.

Emergency Medicine is my chosen field for a wide variety of reasons including: patient variety, ability to quickly diagnose and treat, intellectual interest, ability to teach, write and travel in the specialty.

How long have been in your profession and what changes have you seen? 

I’ve been in Emergency Medicine for 30 years, 33 if you count residency. The changes are too numerous to list. My first 8 years in the field were spent in the private sector, the remainder in academia at various teaching hospitals.

What motivates you and drives you?

I’m a life-long learner always wanting to expand my horizons and skills and continue to make contributions.

What does your writing offer you, seen from an emotional perspective. 

I write for 3 reasons – joy of writing, reader reaction and sense of community.

What are your crowning glories so far? What are you most proud of?

That I’ve been able to help many in medicine succeed and reach their goals. Perhaps most proud of being the first Emergency Physician in the Netherlands and helping the Dutch establish EM as a specialty in their country. 

What are your goals and aspirations for next decade. Where do you see yourself in ten years time. 

More writing and adventuring and far less clinical medicine. Ten years from now I’ll be a digital nomad, roaming the globe and an established writer (hopefully well before the 10 year mark).

What are your views on healthcare right now and how can we improve the quality of care to patients.

Too complex to address here and not my area of expertise.

Do you write for other publications, blogs and columns? 

I’ve published extensively in the medical literature – Annals of EM, JAMA, etc. Medium is my home now.


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