Saturday, October 31, 2020
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Why Didn’t a Review Examine Whether Brief Interventions to Prevent Suicide Actually Reduced Deaths?

Every death by suicide, every effort at serious self-harm is a tragedy and a loss, not only for a person but for a circle of people for whom that person’s life has meaning.

Data from Two States Show Masks Really Make a Difference

Real-world data from Kansas and Tennessee that wearing masks can slow the spread of Covid-19 and reduce hospitalization rates

The Nation’s Only Virtual At-Home Detox Programs from Workit Health Expands

Workit Health now offers the nation’s only virtual at-home detox programs for alcohol. The program includes daily video check-ins with a medical care team and prescribed medication to safely detox at home

Oriahnn; A Drug to Stop Heavy Periods for Women With Fibroids

Oriahnn™ comes packaged as a daily oral medication giving women the options to avoid surgery, procedure, or a birth control method.

MMI SpA Launches Breakthrough Technology in Robotic Microsurgery

The Symani Surgical System combines the benefits of tremor reduction and motion scaling (7-20x) with the world's smallest wristed instrumentation, offering seven degrees of freedom and dexterity

Inside a Debate Between Scientists on Facial Masking for Covid-19

While we await the trials to be completed to ensure the vaccines’ safety and efficacy, however, everyone needs to be wearing a mask

Mindray’s New POC Ultrasound System Redefines What’s Possible

The ME8 System's main unit is one of the lightest and thinnest laptop-based ultrasound machines in the industry.

5 Benefits of Virtual Counselling

In this Covid-19 pandemic, there is increasing popularity in regards to teletherapy, also known as virtual counselling

Coronavirus and Physician Burnout Are Adding Fuel to the Fire

Medscape’s 2020 ‘National Physician Burnout & Suicide Report’ found that 42% of the 15,000 physicians surveyed reported being burned out.

Survey Finds Widespread Confusion Around US Health Insurance

Many Americans are confused about the basics of health insurance, despite widespread attention on health care during this year's global pandemic and election season.

Covid’s Silent and Sinister Effect on the Married Lives of Healthcare Workers

Many Healthcare professionals are feeling more and more isolated as the separation between home and work becomes more pronounced for a number of reasons

Unscrupulous Corporations Are Stealing Your DNA

They collect your DNA with every swab, and it’s sent to a laboratory for analysis. Then where does that sample go, and who has access to the data extracted? Not you.

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Why Do We Still Use Fax Machines In Medicine?

if you work in the medical field in America, chances are fairly likely that even if you haven’t used a fax machine yourself in the last decade, that you have at least walked past one on your daily rounds.

Virtual Counselling Strategies in the Health and Social Service Sectors

For many clinicians, service providers, therapists, and counselors, virtual counselling and care is a new venture that takes quite a bit of adjusting to - especially if technology has not been a strong skill set in your toolbox.

Key Tips for Starting a New Social Work Private Practice

Some ideas to consider and reflect on as you explore starting your own Social Work private practice. Consult with professionals as needed while you move forward in your journey