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Here is a Solution to Painful Sex

Painful sex is often caused by vaginal atrophy, a common condition in postmenopausal women caused by low estrogen.

Kratom, the Undiluted Truth. Is it a Dangerous Drug or a Godsend?

There are two sides to Kratom and two distinct views of it in the public’s mind. Kratom users see the drug as a lifesaver. Some of them consume it for pain, others, as a means to wean themselves off opioids

Covid-19 Shaming; How The Blame Game Hurts Us All

Childhood Covid-19 infections create a conflict between the personal right to privacy vs. the public health need for disclosure. The infected children deserve privacy, but other children’s parents need to make immediate quarantine and testing decisions.

Will The Vaccine Stop Me From Catching COVID?

That is currently being studied, and the data are not out yet. This is critical to know, actually. We know that the vaccine prevents symptomatic Covid disease, but we don’t know if it prevents people from catching the virus