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The Central Dogma here looks worried that it is misunderstood.
4 hours ago no Comment

The Central Dogma of Biology. Biological information flows along a one-way street, or does it? A new paper questions the validity of long-held tennents.

David Baltimore's Smoking Wuhan Gun
5 days ago 1 Comment

Nicholas Wade suggested the Wuhan laboratory was a possible source for the coronavirus. He used David Baltimore smoking gun comment to validate his theory.

Wuhan Institute of Virology
2 weeks ago no Comment

Biden has given the US intelligence community 90 days to come up with answers about Covid Origin and the Wuhan Laboratory. China is unlikely to co-operate

Nicholas Wade Covid Origin Conspiracy
2 weeks ago 26 Comments

Nicholas Wade debunked by real virologists. His Origin of Covid theory is flawed. He misinterprets and misrepresents science and scientists. Wade is exposed

Covid PCR Test nasal swab
4 weeks ago no Comment

Reiner Fuellmich has been spreading misinformation about the coronavirus based on his gross misinterpretation of the PCR Test. A scientist sets him straight

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