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Five Things to Consider When Being Admitted to Hospital

If you are in hospital, it can be hard to cope, let alone focus on key tasks needed to help your journey proceed as...

New Analysis of COVID-19 Mortality Rates at 107 US Hospitals

A study recently published in JAMA examines data from US Hospitals in 2020 to address Covid mortality rates. How did changes in treatment and patient

Zipline: The New Gold Standard for Technology-Based Innovation in Healthcare

Medika has identified Zipline as a company to watch in 2021. Their innovative use of existing or new technology offers a unique and exciting new solutions to the healthcare sector.

ROTTEN RETAILERS: Quackery Websites Selling Harmful Health Products

Find out how our Rotten Retailers list works and how we allocate our Rotten Apple's to "Health and Wellness" retailers. A Consumer Safety initiative from Medika and MOBILIZE™ HEALTH