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The Nation’s Only Virtual At-Home Detox Programs from Workit Health Expands

Workit Health now offers the nation’s only virtual at-home detox programs for alcohol. The program includes daily video check-ins with a medical care team and prescribed medication to safely detox at home

Stacy Hurt is The Global Patient Advocate

Stacy Hurt is more than a patient advocate seeking to link patients to better care. She serves as an inspiration to cancer patients globally.

Covid: Why You Need a Booster

THE BAD NEWS? ALL THREE of the COVID-19 vaccines approved in the United States seem to be significantly less protective against the new Omicron variant...

Wuhan Was Not the Source of the Coronavirus, According to Research

New research suggests strongly that Wuhan was not the source or the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic. Early infection in September of 2019 in Europe show