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Pet Ownership for Children Can Help Them Develop Important Values

Whether tiny or apartment-appropriate in size, pets can help children develop in ways that shape their adulthood.

Vaccine Patents Come with Ethical Dilemmas Bringing Life or Death

Patents are essential in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure commercial viability and financial returns but how do they effect public access to vaccines in a pandemic?

Cancer — 13 Different Types Are Related to Being Overweight or Obese

Much less known, but every bit as real and life-threatening is the connection between obesity and malignancy, the general medical term for cancer.

Follow The Money in Healthcare – It Will Lead You to Chronic Diseases

Chronic disease is transforming health, medical costs and the delivery of care. Diseases such as diabetes, heart failure, emphysema, and cancer are chronic. Once developed, they usually last a lifetime, are challenging to manage and are expensive to treat.