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Adult Bedtime Stories: Researched Fact or Clever Marketing?

The pandemic has worsened insomnia experienced by adults in the US. It is a disturbance that adds to the difficulties the virus has wrought...

The Benefits in Dignity, Savings, and Health of Aging in Place

Nursing homes and residential care facilities are undergoing a sea change as the many benefits of aging in place are seen, and people are beginning to refuse to leave their homes.

Contact Lenses and Cancer: Is There a Connection?

MANY SOFT CONTACT LENSES CONTAIN COMPOUNDS associated with health problems, including autoimmune disorders, fertility problems, cancer, liver problems, and kidney disease. This article explores whether there is a connection between contact lenses and cancer.

One in Five Deaths Among Young Adults is Due to Alcohol

ONE IN FIVE DEATHS OF YOUNG ADULTS ages 20 to 49 is secondary to excessive alcohol use in the United States. For individuals ages 20 to 64, drinking-related deaths account for one in eight. These are the statistics offered by a new population-based study.