Weapons of War in Civilian Hands

Weapons of war, such as AR-15s, have no place in people’s home arsenals. Its bullet's caliber rips its target apart – going in small and exiting like the size of a fist.

The Attention On Uvalde Will Fade. The Horror Will Not

Eventually, the news organizations will leave Uvalde, Texas. Eventually, the camera lights will turn off. Eventually, the platitudes of politicians will go silent. Eventually,...

Is Grieving the Death of a Pet Silly and Abnormal?

Grief, we’re told, is a normal part of love when we lose someone but when we grieve the death of a pet, it’s not always greeted as normal grieving.

Memories of Life-Threatening Struggle Inspire Life-Saving Action

This is the 40th anniversary of the Battle of Sultan Yaacoub. It is also the 40th anniversary of my commitment to advocate for people in urgent need of healing.