Did You Know There’s a Connection Between Emotional Invalidation and Chronic Pain?

Emotional invalidation is like: If someone slammed your finger in a door and then told you that it shouldn’t hurt because they didn’t do it on purpose.

Is Our Gut a Key to Whether We Get Dementia?

Alzheimer’s dementia is not a normal part of the aging process. Still, the most significant risk factor is increasing age, with most of those with Alzheimer’s disease 65 years and older.

Is Alzheimer’s Damage Linked to Deadly Pollution of Babies, Not Old Age?

Alzheimer’s disease isn’t a disease of old age; it begins in infancy, possibly even before birth, because of pollution. Pollution, therefore, initiates the death spiral even before children can walk and talk.

Early-onset Alzheimer’s and Its Misdiagnosis Tragedies

One current theory is that this type of Alzheimer’s may be familial, but a similar form is found in those with Down Syndrome. Estimates suggest that 50 percent or more of people with Down syndrome will develop dementia due to Alzheimer’s disease as they age.