Cher’s Severe, Hidden Disorder Chipped Away at Her Self-Esteem

Always a student who struggled in school, Cher finally decided she was too dumb and left early. Now she knows she's not dumb but has a diagnosable disorder, dyslexia.

Stress Is Justin Bieber’s Greatest Enemy Now.

The diagnosis of a very rare neurologic disorder, Raymond Hunt Syndrome, means Bieber has to work to limit his physical and mental stress to return to health and his career.

Stroke and Altered Mental State Increase Risk of Death for COVID-19 Patients

People hospitalized with COVID-19 and neurological problems including stroke and confusion, have a higher risk of dying than other COVID-19 patients

Looking for Zebras: Medical Mysteries and Transformational Patient Moments

While medicine has become more advanced and specialized, it has also become increasingly fragmented. For people is hard-to-diagnose conditions, that's another obstacle to care.