HIMSS – Global Meeting Ground for Health Info Innovators to Secure Partnerships and Advance Care

10 Israeli Innovators Head Toward Orlando with New Approaches to Hospital Efficiency and Improved Patient Care - Showing Engineering Marvel and AI Potential

What are seizures?

Seizures are when there is synchronous and excessive electrical activity in the brain¹. Given that the nervous system works through electrical activity

Ischemic and Hemorrhagic Stroke. Risks, Symptoms and Treatment

A stroke, or "brain attack," occurs when blood circulation to the brain fails. Brain cells can die from decreased blood flow and the resulting lack of oxygen.

You Don’t Have to Quit Your Passion to Heal From Chronic Pain

Symptom flare-ups often happen during periods of big expansion in your life: Stepping into a new leadership role, becoming a parent, gaining recognition for your art, starting a business, falling in love.⁠