The AMA Recognized Obesity as a Disease in 2013. How Far Have We Come in the Last 10 Years, and Where Are We Headed?

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the American Medical Association’s decision to recognize obesity as a disease. As we reflect on this milestone,...

Obesity: Do Men and Women Have Different Brains?

NEW RESEARCH SUGGESTS THAT OBESITY affects the brain in sex-dependent ways. Specific brain parts appear different when we compare males and females with high body mass indexes.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I Hate You and the Way I Look!

Mirrors mostly don’t lie unless you buy a bad one, but even then they reflect an image that makes some people cringe and become depressed.

Why Exercise Doesn’t Control Weight

Physical activity alone may not be sufficient for weight control. Weight gain or loss is primarily determined by the balance between the number of calories consumed and burned.