Avoiding Drug-Induced Weight Gain: A Little Awareness Goes a Long Way

This fall, Ozempic suddenly seemed to be everywhere, as celebrities and influencers jumped on the viral trend of using the prescription diabetes drug as a quick weight-loss fix. (Spoiler alert: It’s not that simple.)

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, I Hate You and the Way I Look!

Mirrors mostly don’t lie unless you buy a bad one, but even then they reflect an image that makes some people cringe and become depressed.

Can Food Ward Off Dementia? Two Diets Come Out on Top.

A RECENT NEW YORK TIMES newspaper column asks, “Can Certain Foods Really Stave Off Dementia?” Today we explore whether you can use diet to reduce your risk of suffering from this memory-robbing condition.

Why Exercise Doesn’t Control Weight

Physical activity alone may not be sufficient for weight control. Weight gain or loss is primarily determined by the balance between the number of calories consumed and burned.