Avoiding Drug-Induced Weight Gain: A Little Awareness Goes a Long Way

This fall, Ozempic suddenly seemed to be everywhere, as celebrities and influencers jumped on the viral trend of using the prescription diabetes drug as a quick weight-loss fix. (Spoiler alert: It’s not that simple.)

Why Exercise Doesn’t Control Weight

Physical activity alone may not be sufficient for weight control. Weight gain or loss is primarily determined by the balance between the number of calories consumed and burned.

Five Billion People Unprotected from Trans Fat Leading to Heart Disease

Five billion people globally remain unprotected from harmful trans fat, a new status report from WHO has found, increasing their risk of heart disease...

The AMA Recognized Obesity as a Disease in 2013. How Far Have We Come in the Last 10 Years, and Where Are We Headed?

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the American Medical Association’s decision to recognize obesity as a disease. As we reflect on this milestone,...