Influential and Emerging Voices




Dr. Zubin J Daruwalla of PwC Singapore

Dr. Zubin J Daruwalla of PwC Singapore is a leading influencer in health and the field of healthcare in South East Asia. His vast experience in the health sector, in particular, with digital health

John Nosta of NOSTALAB

John Nosta is the one voice in digital Health you cannot choose to ignore, not if you're focused on engaging the industry in a meaningful way.

Prof. Sam Shah, Chief Medical Strategy Officer, Numan

Sam Shah, CMO of Numan is a leading influencer and thought leader in the field of digital health and healthcare in the United Kingdom. His vast experience and ability to network within health

Todd Eury, Pharmacy Podcast Network

Todd Eury is pharmacy is Pharmacy Podcast Network. His network enables the pharmacy sector and provides them a voice.