The Global Memorial Project

In memory of the lives lost to COVID-19

The Global Memorial Project (TGMP) is an independent, non-political, non-geographical privately funded global health project with two primary goals.

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The real cost of the Covid Pandemic

Real People, Real Lives, not just lines on graphs

Medika Life created TGMP for one simple reason. We wanted to build a lasting digital record of the people that have lost their lives to Covid-19. Everyone, even those not recorded as governments across the globe cover up the real extent of deaths.

We have created a Memorial Wall for your loved ones to honor their memory. Creating a memorial plaque is free and will remain so. No matter where in the world you live, you will be able to add the faces of the loved ones you've lost to the Memorial Wall.

All you need is access to the internet and a photo of your loved one. Add their data, and in less than two minutes you'll create a memorial plaque similar to the one you see on the left.
We'll keep the wall active in perpetuity as a constant reminder of an event that changed our world.

Connecting Families and Friends

Share your condolences and memories

Your memorial plaque includes a Visitors Book and a place for distant family, friends and colleagues to share their condolences and memories of the people we've lost. These tools are accessible via the 3 icons displayed below the Memorial Plaque.

It is our hope that these messages will offer some small comfort to families and help heal the shared sense of loss across our planet.

Click on the Memorial Plaque to start - Feb 2021

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The Covid Pandemic has exposed fundamental flaws in our health care systems around the world. Political interference, lack of funding, poor planning, and lack of medical access to basic infrastructure has resulted in unnecessary deaths across the globe. People have lost their lives because our systems failed. We want to change that.

To do this, we need your help. Help us to create a clearer picture of the Covid pandemic and the treatments and medical care accessible to patients across the globe. You can choose to contribute data of your loved ones to help us fill in this picture. Cold hard data cannot be unseen, it cannot be undone and most importantly, it cannot be ignored.

As part of the medical community, Medika's non-profit, MOBILIZE™ Health accepts its responsibility to fight for basic global healthcare, free of political interference, an empowered profession acting out of concern for your health and well being. This is not a naive goal, but rather a basic human right, for you, for your children, and for our future.

MOBILIZE™ Health is a fiercely independent, self-funded entity and as such, is not subject to any political or financial influence.

Do you have data to contribute?

You can contribute to the project by clicking here

You can contribute information about someone you've lost to Covid-19 without creating a memorial plaque. The button above will take you directly to a submission form. All data is submitted anonymously.


We are deeply grateful to our partners for assisting Medika to realize the Global Memorial. They have volunteered their services, products, and time to the project, driven by social conscience rather than profit.

You can see who partners with Medika and MOBILIZE™ Health by following the link below or visiting The Global Memorial Project website.

The scope of the project is broad and ongoing and we would love to hear from you if you feel your business can contribute in some way, however small, to our pursuit of accessible health care for all. If you're driven by ethics, passion and patient focused healthcare, reach out to us.


Find out more about what drives Medika

Healthcare's "Tea Party" moment

We are living through a time of profound change. A time where our vulnerability to the world around us has been highlighted in the worst way possible. We have turned to a combination of medicine and technology for salvation, and for some, it has offered safety.

Covid-19 has brought institutionalized flaws in healthcare to the fore. As a global wave of social reform sweeps our planet, what better time for Medicine to address issues that have plagued it for decades. Medika has chosen to openly embrace these efforts by providing a platform for change.

MOBILIZE™ Health Logo

Our Mission Statement is a simple one. Our goal is to assist in mobilizing medicine towards a globally accessible, ethical, and equitable industry that places the needs of patients at the forefront. To that end, we have created MOBILIZE™ Health, an open platfom non-profit to encourage discourse on a broad range of topics.

It's time for Medicine to have its TEA party moment. What do we mean by that? Trust, Equality and Accessibility. T.E.A.
Every person is entitled to basic healthcare. it's a fundamental human right that should be delivered by a transparent (trust)) industry free from the influences of racism, sexism and political agendas.

Change is seldom easy. It's a brave new world and as more speak up from within the medical industry to try and achieve these goals, Medika and MOBILIZE™ Health will be there, to amplify their voices. To find out more about Medika's own projects and for a clearer overview of how we envision T.E.A in Healthcare, please visit the link below.


Trust is possibly the most important ingredient for delivering global healthcare. Trust in the profession and the treatments offered are key to eradicating disease. It is an element we too often take for granted, and of late, abuse. Transparency and ethics are key to engendering trust in patients.


Equality is ensuring that both racism and sexism no longer permeate the industry, both internally and with regard to our patients and the care they receive.


Accessibility is about ensuring the delivery of effective, accessible and affordable healthcare mechanisms, diagnostic techniques and treatments for all, irrespective of location and with due care for the impacts these actions have on existing medical eco-systems. First do no harm.