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The Complete Dummies Guide to Covid PCR Testing for Conspiracy Fans

PCR tests have revolutionized many areas of Medicine and are very reliable tools that are dependent on being used correctly to ensure accuracy

A Company Famous For Selling Aspirin Once Legally Sold Heroin

It seems unimaginable that not so long ago, those products that people trusted were marketed by companies that did not need to prove that the drug worked or was even safe.

Gabor Maté’s Bizarre Ideas on Connections Between Stress and Disease

Gabor Maté’s issues are with evidence, not the West and with public health, not medicine, but who takes him seriously? Lots of otherwise smart people seem to…or maybe not.

The Esophagus

The Esophagus forms an integral part of the digestive system. Explore other free anatomical medical resources from Medika Life's Patient Resources