Clinical Trials




First NASH Patient Dosed with CRV431 in Phase 2 ‘AMBITION’ Clinical Trial

The ‘AMBITION' trial, is designed to assess safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of 75 mg CRV431, administered orally to F2 and F3 NASH patients

Clinical Trials for Bacterial Vaginosis in Dallas, Forth Worth Area

About 1 in 10 women of reproductive age are affected by endometriosis. Local physicians at Cedar Health Research are initiating new research studies in hopes of finding potential new treatment options

A Pig Heart Was Transplanted Into a Human a Few Days Ago Is This The Future of Organ Transplantation?

It is still a very experimental procedure, but it likely will be improved rapidly in the coming years and may become the standard approach...

Four Ways COVID has Changed Health Tech

Like most tech lovers, I’m excited about the upcoming CES conference.  I won’t be attending in person but will be watching it very closely...