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Study: Hot Flashes

Study Details

Hot flashes are overwhelming

Hot flashes often occur during menopause; they can leave you feeling unbearably warm and sweaty. Common symptoms associated with hot flashes include a sudden feeling of warmth that spreads throughout your face, chest, and neck leaving a flushed appearance, rapid heartbeat, and perspiration. Researchers at Cedar Health are seeking women who are experiencing hot flash symptoms to participate in upcoming research studies. Find out more!

Qualified participants include:

  • Females who are experiencing symptoms of hot flashes

Additional criteria apply.

Qualified participants may see a physician or medical staff at no cost and receive reasonable compensation for study-related time and travel.

How to Apply

DFW-East Clinical Site & Corporate Headquarters

Three Forest Plaza
12221 Merit Drive
Suite 350
Dallas, TX 75251 Call: 214-253-8170

Participant Feedback

We encourage study participants to leave feedback on their experience with this trial. You can use the comments section below to rate your experience with Cedar Health Research. This helps others when choosing a trial to participate in.


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