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Robert is a Founder of Medika Life. He is a published author and owner of Cre8tive Digital Media. He lives between the Philippines and the UK. and is an outspoken advocate for human rights. Access to basic healthcare and eradicating racial and gender bias in medicine are key motivators behind the Medika website and reflect Robert's passion for accessible medical care globally.
United Kingdom
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Anything Medical, particularly topics that affect the distribution of health to communities.
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Dr Robert Turner
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3 weeks ago no Comment

The mRNA Covid Vaccines pose risks to your child’s health. When should you opt for the vaccine, and when should you say no? Facts and figures

Truth and Politics
1 month ago no Comment

This article refers to the Covid treatments as “vaccinations.” It’s important to note that these medical interventions are not vaccines at all. They do not prevent infection or transmission but rather life-protecting treatments designed to reduce the onset of severe symptoms, much like seasonal influenza shots.

Dr Peterson Pierre on Medika's Quack Scale
2 months ago no Comment

I bumped into this individual on Twitter in a short video where he explains to the masses about the benefits of Ivermectin and Suramin in overcoming Covid. Of course, as his claimed medical field of expertise is Botox and dermatology, he is absolutely up to speed on antivirals, infectious disease, virology and public health and […]

2 months ago no Comment

Wearing a mask is simply an act of compassion, showing you care about your fellow man and limiting the infectiousness of your breath. Remember, some of us are fortunate and can contract the disease and carry the virus, yet not even be aware of it. We are, in medical terms, asymptomatic.

Janine Small, Pfizer
2 months ago no Comment

In a startling disclosure at the EU COVI Hearings in Brussels on the 10th of October 2022, Janine Small admitted in response to a question posed by Dutch MEP Robert Roos that the Pfizer mRNA vaccine was never tested or shown before its release, to impact the transmission of the SARS-NCOV2 virus. In other words, […]

2 months ago no Comment

If you wanted the perfect illustration of how to “dig yourself a hole” Healthcare and the Covid pandemic provided it. In what history will record as a concerted and unprecedented effort, governments, scientists, doctors and the healthcare industry globally, indulged in a public campaign to combat the SARS-COV2, commencing in early 2020. This campaign still persists.

Faraday Beanie
2 months ago no Comment

There’s still a lot of nonsense that circulates about the Covid mRNA vaccines. Hidden amongst this noise are indisputable facts relating to these treatments, some interesting, some troublesome and others, well, you decide. Here then are 10 actual lesser known facts on mRNA technology and the so called “Covid Vaccines” interspersed by 10 bits of […]

3 months ago no Comment

Ivermectin is a global con, sold by unscrupulous doctors and healthcare professionals as a treatment for Covid. It doesn’t work.

Patients walking Healthcare's Tightrope
3 months ago no Comment

Vaccinate, inoculate and immunize are three words that describe the “jab” people get to guard them against serious infectious illnesses. Harmonious – yes – but each offers a different consumer expectation.

5 months ago no Comment

As we rapidly approach the three-year mark of the Covid pandemic, healthcare finds itself, in many ways, far the worse for wear, not having benefited financially in any way from the pandemic.

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