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Vaccines and Mandates Could Be the Undoing of the Democratic Party

This article refers to the Covid treatments as "vaccinations." It's important to note that these medical interventions are not vaccines at all. They do not prevent infection or transmission but rather life-protecting treatments designed to reduce the onset of severe symptoms, much like seasonal influenza shots.

The Complete A to Z of Long Haul Covid Symptoms. What you Need to Know

A complete list of symptoms for Long Haul Covid or Chronic Covid Syndrome. Educate yourself about the symptoms and seek help from qualified healthcare professionals

Polio/Covid Planning, the Poor, Life and Mobility

Politicians aren't always up to doing their jobs, and now we have an example that harks back to the days of rampant polio when the first vaccines were developed, but it's not over.

You Can Use Grapes for Health

"Each grape she pulled off grew back again on the cluster. In the dream, it was evident that the girl had spent many years...