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Is Bone Loss a Male Problem, Too?

WITH OSTEOPOROSIS, THE BONES BECOME WEAK and brittle. Fall, and you may suffer a bone break. Even minimal activity such as bending over or coughing may...

Is There An Adventure Gene?

The gene variant, DRD4, is associated with that fun-loving, enjoyment-seeking, perhaps adventurous hormone, dopamine. Nothing dopa about this gene, and it may have contributed to human evolution.

Heel Inc. (Dr.Reckeweg): Homeopathy, Quacks and Covid Cures

Heel Inc. are Health quacks and scammers They advertise their products aggressively offering cures for more than a hundred other diseases, including Covid

Medical Buddhism

The past week has been difficult for liberally-minded individuals in the United States. Through a series of Supreme Court rulings, citizens lost several fundamental rights.