An Extensive List of Symptoms for Covid-19

Check your symptoms for Covid-19 and know when you should seek medical help. Covid-19 symptoms are very similar to influenza

Stop Calling Us “Heroes”

I ultimately believe that labeling ourselves “heroes” does more damage than good. I’ve read pieces from healthcare colleagues across the nation who argue that the “hero label” can be used as a subtle form of (often unintentional) gaslighting.

Paxlovid for Covid-19: Was I Wrong About Rebound Infection?

Today we explore the remarkable drug Paxlovid before turning to a new report suggesting we were wrong. The drug now appears not associated with a higher probability of COVID-19 re-infection.

Fact Checking Vaccine Claims With Flawed Science: True

In a society that is bombarded with misinformation from every imaginable source, both official and otherwise, where, post pandemic, can we turn for reliable,...