The Simple Truth Ivermectin and HCQ Supporters Fail to Acknowledge

The simple truth about the efficacy of HCQ and Ivermectin in treating Covid. It doesn't work. Here are the facts they choose to ignore.

Oleander 4X Snakeoil. The Story Behind a Fake Covid Cure

This is the story of how a pharma company has milked a practically useless compound for the last 20 years, misleading its investors and offering the public hopes of miracle cures for everything from Alzheimer's, to cancers and Covid.

How Much Does a Booster Shot Protect Against Omicron?

Prefer to listen to this article? Watch this article here. Omicron cases are finally starting to go down. Omicron has been gripping the world for the...

Dallas Offering Homebound Residents At-Home Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 Vaccine

Dallas County Health services partnered with Meals on Wheels and the Dallas Fire Department to offer vaccine at home for homebound residents.