No, Mr. President, We Doctors Are Not Faking Covid Deaths

I have signed dozens of death certificates after patients died of Covid-19, and I have also signed death certificates of patients who did not have Covid. Never — not even once — did I think about putting down Covid-19 as a cause of death

Paxlovid for Covid-19: Was I Wrong About Rebound Infection?

Today we explore the remarkable drug Paxlovid before turning to a new report suggesting we were wrong. The drug now appears not associated with a higher probability of COVID-19 re-infection.

You Got the Second Dose of the Covid-19 Vaccine. Now What?

Covid-19 vaccines arrive in American cities, we are moving into a new phase of the pandemic. The vaccination rollout continues to improve, with the...

Covid-19 Moms at Higher Risk for Preterm Labor, Study Suggests

Pregnant women worldwide continue to worry about catching Covid-19 and passing the virus to their unborn baby. Each day we learn more, but much remains unknown about the coronavirus’s effects on pregnant women and babies.