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I am a pharmacist with over 20 years in the industry. I have worked both retail and hospital and have been known to frequent the nightshift. As a pharmacist, I see how medical jargon confuses people. I like to write healthcare articles in a casual manner in order to connect. Find me on Medium @jrmittle

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St. Louis College of Pharmacy
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Pharmacy, medicine, healthcare, supplements, herbal products, history, science
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Amphetamine was synthesized from ephedrine by German scientists in 1887, and methamphetamine, also created by Nagayoshi, arrived in 1893. Pharmacologist Akira Ogata took methamphetamine one step further

Man smoking a cigarette
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Smokers and former smokers are at increased risk of developing a more severe course of covid-19 infection, nearly double the rate of non-smokers.

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It seems unimaginable that not so long ago, those products that people trusted were marketed by companies that did not need to prove that the drug worked or was even safe.

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OxyContin was neither superior to old-fashioned immediate-release oxycodone, a cheaper generic, nor did it offer any advantage over other opioids like morphine.

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Trust us, the money we are making barely covers the cost of our education. Most of us work more than one job. There are easier ways to make money.

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Acid reflux, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), sour stomach, or heartburn. They all describe the same condition: gastric acid hypersecretion, or too much stomach acid.

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An astonishing 82% of drug shortages are listed as reason unknown. The other causes include manufacturing, discontinuation, raw materials, and supply and demand.

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I first heard about Korean skincare a few years ago when the ten-step challenge was going viral. I imagine this is how many people got their first introduction

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