Long Haul Covid




COVID-19 Trials: Why Are We Asking Questions We Know Answers To?

The author reviews a recent randomized clinical trial of ivermectin’s effect on COVID-19 outcomes..

Restoring Credibility. Can We Ever Trust Healthcare Again?

If you wanted the perfect illustration of how to "dig yourself a hole" Healthcare and the Covid pandemic provided it. In what history will record as a concerted and unprecedented effort, governments, scientists, doctors and the healthcare industry globally, indulged in a public campaign to combat the SARS-COV2, commencing in early 2020. This campaign still persists.

Got Covid? How Long Do You Have Protection After Catching the Virus?

HAVING COVID-19 PROVIDES DURABLE (BUT TEMPORARY) protection against getting severely sick in the future, no matter the variant.

Time to Upgrade Your Mask?

"CLOTH MASKS ARE LITTLE MORE than facial decorations." That's the remarkable statement from CNN Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen. She adds: "This is what scientists and...