Welcome to The Covid Rabbit Hole

A dark dystopian maze filled with deception and misdirection

“Relax, ” said the night man
“We are programmed to receive
You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave”

Hotel California, The Eagles

A little like that famed California hotel, immortalized by the Eagles, stepping into Covid quicksand is a one way trip to a world filled with conspiracies, convoluted truths, misdirection and deceptions. Nothing, it would seem, is as it really appears and once you’ve seen, you can never unsee it. Ignorance truly is bliss and these articles come with a warning to the uninitiated.

The last three years of the pandemic have stripped away our imagined veneers of a just, caring and social society and revealed humanity in its true form. We may have advanced technologically but greed, avarice and lust for power at the expense of all else remain constants. Forget the Philadelphia Experiment and the Kennedy assassination, buckle up and hold on tight, things are about to get hairy.

There be monsters here

If you are or were a reasonably sane, tax-paying member of the general population who, like everyone else, ventures onto social media, then you’d know the insanity that has prevailed during the pandemic and continues. Jaw-dropping theories about population control, vaccines that would neuter the entire planet (I’ll get back to this beauty below), chip implants that would allow us to be tracked like a herd of cows or simply that we were about to be exterminated to preserve the planet at the whim of the wealthy. Even down to the virus being manufactured and intentionally released. Crazy right?

Well, yes and no, and it is this uncertainty that sits at the very root of the problem created by our governments and science. I spent much of 2020 and 2021 discrediting idiots, sometimes medically trained, doctors, virologists and often just grifters, seeking to enrich themselves by selling one theory or another on the virus, vaccines and the pandemic in general. Rule of thumb, if they’re selling something, run! They succeed by following an age old and time proven recipe.

Sprinkle you tale with the odd truth, add impending disaster and then offer a solution. It works and don’t feel bad if you’ve fallen for it. There is a psychological basis for us buying into bullshit, especially if it panders to our beliefs.

The only problem, as I soon discovered, was that the grifters weren’t acting alone. To my utter astonishment, I watched as the mainstream media, governments, politicians and most shocking of all, the medical community, joined the swirl game. Hell, even the fact checkers were getting in on the action, and it soon became apparent to anyone able to exercise a little critical thinking that Houston had a problem. A large one.

Take the sterilization theory as an example. On the face of it, it sounds completely nuts, the sort of nonsense you can find in a drinking establishment, buried in the bottom of too many beers. Then, low and behold, a study emerges that shows the reduction in sperm production after vaccination – this study focused on mRNA vaccines – and worryingly, with the second shot, the effects become more pronounced.

Below is a table explaining the extent to which semen motility (their ability to travel) is reduced. The trial authors suggest the long term prognosis looks good for recovery, but that is of course, a suggestion and no data was provided to support this. Also bear in mind that this data only looked at the effects of 2 treatments. They did not look at the case of ongoing boosters, which is most certainly guaranteed to perpetuate loss of sperm function ad infinitum.

So now, dear reader, you’re wondering to yourself, or at least you should be, if this crazy conspiracy theory inadvertently turned out to have some substance to it, intentional or otherwise. mRNA vaccines cause a drop in fertility. Repeatedly administered the effects may be permanent. We have yet to find out. Science has to catch up to the hypothesis. And therein lies the crux of the problem.

Exploiting the Unknown

Tell someone you have a miracle cure for a disease utilizing a new technology and you are immediately asked to prove efficacy. Under normal circumstances, we’d ask you to take said medication and pass it through rigorous (i.e., large-scale and longitudinal) clinical trials. This never happened with the Covid so-called vaccines.

These treatments, including two utilizing untested methods of action (read mRNA) were ready and released within nine months, offering clinical trials that were at best laughable, at worst, criminal in the extent of their manipulation of data to prove “efficacy”. There is no way to sugar coat that statement. Offering a product to the general population that you know causes harm and, in some instances death, and then glossing over the dangers is misleading and fraudulent.

NINE MONTHS! Keep in mind that historically average vaccine takes five to eight years or more of clinical trials to reach the market and this is for vaccines using traditional delivery mechanisms. Not mRNA. We were dealing with an unknown vector and one that not even science was properly prepared for. Most professions aligned with virology were not in a position to comment on safety and efficacy of the mRNA jabs.

If they were truthful, scientists would have told you that outside of a few select individuals within Moderna and Pfizer/BionTech, no one had a clue what the actual mechanism of action was for this new tech. More importantly, everyone within the industry understood full well the implications of speaking out against the treatments, knowing the might of the pharma industry and that to criticize or question was the equivalent of professional suicide.

The Knowledge Vacuum

Place an unknown variable into a society without transparency and surround it with Orwellian controls and you’ve created a surefire recipe for chaos, particularly in an era dominated by the internet and social media. That, in short, sums up what happened with Covid and the treatments that were developed for it.

In what reality did the powers that be think that the world would accept a treatment supposedly cooked up in nine months, actually in the case of Moderna and Pfizer, just little over a month and then the clinical trials that followed? Really? SARS-COV2 differs sufficiently from the original SARS virus to make it almost a beast unto itself, There is no so-called vaccine to combat SARS, despite the disease being around for over a decade, yet, suddenly Moderna, within a month of being asked to produce a treatment for a novel virus, had a product ready to take to trial.

If this sounds suspicious, it’s because it is. Hugely so. Viruses are our biggest challenge, take the HIV virus. It took us nearly three decades to develop effective anti-virals for this condition. Influenza’s mutate each year and have us completely flummoxed. At best we can offer seasonal “flu” jabs” which also carry risks and simply mitigate symptoms. They cannot combat the virus.

So, in 2020 we faced a world filled with unknowns. No clear source of origin for the virus, was it lab leaked, intentionally released, or was the original vector for the disease an animal in the Wuhan market? Deceptive controlled marketing and public misinformation surrounding the efficacy and safety of the so called vaccines, which in point of fact were little more than placebos with unknown side-effects. Lockdowns, mandates and other insanities followed and the pandemic became politicized.

Blue pill, red pill. Which are you?

Our world comprises two types of people: those who follow and trust the public narrative and those who could loosely be described as anarchists. The anarchists are anti-establishment and generally untrusting of the “man.” This is true across political and cultural divides—blue-pill and red-pill people. I suspect the loss of our ability to practice critical thinking seriously impedes both groups in their ability to filter fact from fiction. That however is a topic for another article.

This social divide was almost instantly perceptible on SM platforms when the pandemic broke and relations between the two groups have deteriorated ever since. Conformists now find themselves with very little wiggle room as more and facts emerge about the ill-effects of the vaccines and the management of the general pandemic narrative. It would appear that among the conspiracy theorists and anarchists, their version of the last three years is rapidly becoming a shared reality.

It isn’t however simply a question of black and white, or right and wrong. Both camps have engaged in almost identical tactics, and while unpicking the disinformation we’ve been subjected to over the last three years is essential, peppering extremist views with wild accusations simply slows the process of discrediting the current public narrative.

And it must be discredited, dismantled and destroyed, with no vestige of it remaining in any form. While we bicker and fabricate, the narrative continues unabated with children now the latest target of indiscriminate medication. mRNA vaccines with safety profiles based on mouse trials, are now being fed to your children and you, as the parent, have the ability to prevent this.

The real victims of the chaos

Children are an issue, but spare a thought for the elderly and those suffering from comorbidities. Should they use the Covid treatments or risk the disease? My personal opinion is that any doctor who claims to have an authoritative view on this question simply does not have a clear understanding of the medicines or the technology they are prescribing and cannot in good conscience suggest to patients that the Covid “vaccines” are safe. They do not know and will not, for years to come. A little honesty at this point may go a long way to restoring the doctor-patient relationship.

In the articles that follow, I will try to the best of my limited abilities to sort through the noise and present you with facts relating to the Covid pandemic, the virus itself and the treatments offered, while examining the long term effects of contracting Covid. Why should you trust what I have to say? You absolutely shouldn’t. Trust is one of the main reasons we find ourselves here. It has been systematically and intentionally abused over the last three years.

You need to be critical of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you read, see or watch. Do not base your acceptance of a narrative simply on a persons credentials. People lie, people mislead and people fool themselves, irrelevant of their status or position. Critical thinking will prove your most valuable asset in ascertaining the real truth and the articles that will follow will offer you opportunities to explore subject matter at every turn, with references to varied sources.

Most importantly, if I am unable to verify or validate something, I’ll tell you and allow you, based on provided sources, to decide for yourself. That is how good science works.

The next article in this series will focus on exploring mRNA technology and why it’s now considered medicine’s knight in shining armor, despite the fact that we are completely in the dark about the long term effects on our bodies. Truth be told, we aren’t even that sure what the product gets up to once its inside us, outside of its stated purpose. Take the time to absorb the data and consider the questions. I hope they prompt you to hold off on exposing your children to mRNA.

Part 2 of the Covid Files, investigating the Pandemic and its consequences for medicine.


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Robert Turner, Founding Editor
Robert Turner, Founding Editorhttps://medkoin.health
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