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M.D. trained in the US, now researching SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 in Canada for his Ph.D. After earning my Ph.D., I will be pursuing an Anatomic Pathology residency embracing my path towards being a physician-scientist. My academic interests are directed towards topics that provide the greatest net benefit for the greatest number of people. I love complicated, messy, and poorly understood topics.

I enjoy writing in my spare time, along with 3D printing and staying connected with my family. I have been a longstanding proponent for global health with projects ranging from supporting Doctors without Borders (MSF) to Syrian refugees (Syrian American Medical Society). 

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Tufts University School of Medicine
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Pathology Virology Oncology
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Genetic expression can change in blood vessels under low gravity. Should astronauts be worried?

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I read a lot of science fiction, as scores have done before me over the past few centuries. I find a galactic setting helpful in engaging with problems of our present world in a way that makes it feel like there is a greater distance, making reflection feel safer. Contrary to readers in the 20th century, […]

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Disclosure: I own a fraction of a share of Eli Lilly stock. We live in a very exciting time! Alzheimer’s medications that are more promising than past drugs are starting to hit the shelves, with others on the way. Eli Lilly’s new daratumumab medication has been suggested to slow the progression of early Alzheimer’s by up […]

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The author reviews a recent randomized clinical trial of ivermectin’s effect on COVID-19 outcomes..

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Why I continue to wear a mask in crowded spaces even after Quebec repealed the mask mandate on public transit.

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The past week has been difficult for liberally-minded individuals in the United States. Through a series of Supreme Court rulings, citizens lost several fundamental rights.

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Do over-the-counter COVID tests make our communities safer? The COVID-19 pandemic has driven a significant mobilization towards ensuring that information we all need to live our lives during a pandemic is readily accessible. Part of this is knowing whether we or others in our community have the virus. Fortunately, at-home testing is widely available. But […]

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Prefer to watch this article? Watch it here. Science journalism paints a rosy picture of the advances of medical research. A quick look at the “Health and Medicine News” section from Science Daily communicates optimism on our understanding of aging, pain relief, depression, and cancer. If one were to read these articles, one could expect an experience that […]

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Want to watch this article? Tune in here. I am sick and tired of the pandemic. Many others share the sentiment based on several high-profile recent news stories, albeit for different reasons. Neil Young has recently had his music pulled from Spotify, given the platform’s refusal to screen its content for COVID-19 misinformation effectively. Meanwhile, truckers in Canada […]

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Want to watch rather than read this story? Tune in here! My medical training has made me a skeptic. When one learns of the limitations of diligently-studied therapeutics, one understandably is cautious about therapies that lack or have been minimally investigated. Metformin is a wonder drug for diabetes; hence, it is often the first therapy recommended […]

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