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Haseltine, PhD
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William Haseltine, Ph.D. is chair and president of the think tank ACCESS Health International, a former Harvard Medical School and School of Public Health professor, and founder of the university’s cancer and HIV/AIDS research departments. He is also the founder of more than a dozen biotechnology companies, including Human Genome
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Here we draw attention to promising findings for CAR T lupus treatment. The foundations of CAR T, as well as applications for B cell cancers and multiple myeloma, can be found in earlier works in the series.

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This is a series on the advances in CAR T, a remarkable immunotherapy treatment dubbed a “living drug.”

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The first installment lays the foundation for understanding how CAR T works. This second piece delves into the use of CAR T to treat B cell cancers.

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This first installment will lay the foundation for understanding how CAR T works. Future installments will focus on CAR T applications and recent innovations which further the field. does not have any friends yet.