Monday, November 30, 2020
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Doctors Sound the Alarm on Covid-19 Cases. Is Anyone Listening?

The United States now has 12 million confirmed Covid-19 cases. On Thursday, we had a record-setting day of 187,000 new cases of the coronavirus. Over 250,000 Americans...
DNA Double Helix

Can the COVID19 Virus Alter Our DNA?

Can viruses alter our very genetic code, effectively hijacking and hiding in our cells for generations and how does this affect the health of future generations? Could viruses be mutating us, cell by cell?

Covid-19 Moms at Higher Risk for Preterm Labor, Study Suggests

Pregnant women worldwide continue to worry about catching Covid-19 and passing the virus to their unborn baby. Each day we learn more, but much remains unknown about the coronavirus’s effects on pregnant women and babies.

No Tsunami of Mental Illness Accompanies Covid-19

Patients diagnosed with COVID-19 were likely to be experiencing some anxiety (worried) or depressive symptoms (sad, pessimistic) that were not serious enough to justify a diagnosis of major depression or a serious anxiety disorder.

No, Mr. President, We Doctors Are Not Faking Covid Deaths

I have signed dozens of death certificates after patients died of Covid-19, and I have also signed death certificates of patients who did not have Covid. Never — not even once — did I think about putting down Covid-19 as a cause of death
Covid Second Wave

The “Second Wave” Is MUCH MUCH Worse

This is an unmitigated disaster, and our current national leadership has gone AWOL. Cases are rising. People are suffering. People are dying.
Covid Target

How Your Genes, Race, and Immunity Make You a Target for Covid-19

If your old (over 70) and either black, Hispanic, or an indigenous American, your on average 3.3 times more likely to die from Covid than a white person.

Data from Two States Show Masks Really Make a Difference

Real-world data from Kansas and Tennessee that wearing masks can slow the spread of Covid-19 and reduce hospitalization rates
Crowd wearing masks

Inside a Debate Between Scientists on Facial Masking for Covid-19

While we await the trials to be completed to ensure the vaccines’ safety and efficacy, however, everyone needs to be wearing a mask

The Black Community Has Painful Reasons Not to Trust Medicine

Children as young as three months old were, according to one researcher, used as guinea pigs in UK medical experiments to test out drugs such as those for HIV.