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I am a family nurse practitioner, educator, health coach, and scientist. I am the founder of Flower Power Health, where I provide coaching, advising, and health education through a strengths-based, inclusive, body positive, and anti-oppression framework. My current work is focused on health empowerment.
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Access to care, risk awareness, and prevention are the keys to health equity.

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“OMG, am I dying?”“I read that this vaccine is dangerous”.“I want to try this new supplement, does it work?”“Is this normal, or. . .” Have you ever put one of these queries into a search engine? Was it helpful? I get lots of questions about health information that folks have run across online. It can […]

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It’s not a coincidence that we associate strong emotions with the heart: wild things make our hearts sing, and our hearts break when we lose a loved one. The connection between the brain’s emotional regulation center, the amygdala, and the cardiovascular system has been the subject of plenty of research, and especially as neuroimaging has advanced, […]

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It’s January, and there’s a solid chance “eat better” is on your list of goals and resolutions. If you’ve turned to the internet for advice and inspiration, you’re likely facing a wall of information and misinformation. Nutrition advice comes in cycles: it was all about calories, then it was about food combining. Fat was bad […]

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What’s the one best thing I can do for my health? This question tends to come up around the new year. In my clinical practice as a primary care nurse practitioner, I see this annual uptick in interest around healthy behaviors begin (and fade) like clockwork. People are ready to make changes — quitting smoking, […]

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