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Todd Eury, Pharmacy Podcast Network

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If you’re in Pharma or into Pharma, you’ve heard of the Pharmacy Podcast Network (PPN). The company has evolved over the last decade to become the voice of pharmacy in the U.S.and offers dedicated channels within the industry. 1,200+ episodes, 30+ shows & 40+ contributing pharmacists to be exact, covering every angle of pharma, from Pregnancy and Mental Health to Retail and Social issues.

The PPN is ranked in the top 25 podcasts in the same category as Bloomberg News, the Economist, and Wall Street Journal’s podcasts, Business News, and is the most accessed podcast platform in the world for the pharmacy professional — with nearly 80,000 listeners.

Meet Founder and CEO, Todd Eury

Pittsburgh native Todd Eury from Brownsville, Pennsylvania, started the first podcast centered on Pharmacy in 2009. Today, a decade later, the original blog site has grown into the global leader in podcasting about the pharmacy business and profession.

Known affectionately as The Pharmacy’s Biggest Fan, Todd is one of, if not the, most influential voice in pharmacy in the U.S and he has earned his wings in the industry the hard way. He boasts years of experience, including positions such as Associate Director of the Pennsylvania Pharmacists Association, founder of Pharmacy Future Leaders (a pharmacy student mentoring program), and Director of Business Development at New Season.

Todd currently serves as a member of The Board of Directors of American Pharmacy Purchasing Alliance. He is also the Founder and serves on the Advisory Board of Shift.Health, Shift.Health board is made up of the healthcare marketing industry’s most influential leaders & voices that are both established and emerging, representing both the present and future of the healthcare industry.

Despite his rise to fame, Todd Eury remains approachable and his genuine love for the pharmacy industry is palpable. He engages openly on social media and is supportive, clearly intent on “paying back” to his industry. If your business or vision relates to healthcare and pharma/pharmacy Todd is your man and Pharmacy Podcast Network is your channel of choice.

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