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Bianca Rose Phillips, Voice of Law Podcast

The leading voices in Digital Healthcare

It is with immense pleasure that we introduce Bianca Rose Phillips. Our editors recently selected Bianca as one of their Top 50 Healthcare Influencers for 2021 and we consider her one of the brightest rising stars in the industry If you haven’t yet heard her name mentioned in healthcare circles, you will. Here’s what some of the most influential voices in digital health have to say about her.

“Bianca we are looking to you to help drive change. I think what you are doing is important and truly transformative.”

John Nosta, NostaLab

“You are a global champion for the discipline.”

Gil Bashe, Finn Partners

“There is no one else who is tackling some of the emerging technologies with relation to law as deeply, and with as much knowledge and advocacy as Bianca Phillips.”

Audrey Arbeeny, Audio Brain

Meet Bianca Rose Phillips

Bianca is the founder and host of the Voice of Law Podcast, the Digital Health Law Series, and holds a flurry of qualifications, including a Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of Commerce, Graduate Diploma of Professional Legal Practice, and Master of Laws (Medical Law). She is admitted as a Lawyer & Officer of the Supreme Court. Juris Doctor Lecturer.

She is also an author, having contributed to the recently published book, Voice Technology in Healthcare and her works include deeply insightful articles on the digital health sector. Her article entitled The eight pillars of the digital health revolution is compelling and compulsory reading for anyone concerned with the development, direction, and future of the digital health industry.

Bianca Rose Phillips wants to help build a world where telemedicine enables access to healthcare no matter where you live, where the mainstream use of wearables allows for disease prediction before anything happens, and where clinical outcomes are improved because of uses of precision and personalized medicine. 

She is considered a leading thinker on the future of digital health and the law, recognised globally for her thought leadership in the field. Her ideas attract the biggest minds and companies in digital health.

Bianca takes you on a journey to imagine a future immersed in digital health. Her works include The Digital Health Revolution: Structural Elements & Logical Methods, and ‘The Digital Health School of Thought.’ These works explore the processes, pillars, and methods upon which digital health laws and societies are built, constrained, transformed, and revolutionized.  

If you’re wondering exactly what the field of Digital Health Law entails, Bianca explains it as follows;

Digital Health Law is an integral part of the Digital Health Strategy. The discipline explores Law, Philosophy & Ethics to assess the opportunities for the Digital Health Revolution, and includes a critical analysis of The Structure & Logic of the Digital Health Revolution.

How Bianca can impact your network

As a Speaker

You can book Bianca to speak at your next event. Her passion for digital health will be felt with an energetic, engaging, and thought-provoking session. She has been a featured speaker in Australia and the U.S. and she is available for speaking at online conferences around the world or choose her to moderate your next conference.

Some of her recent events have included the VOH Summit at Harvard Medical School in Boston USA, and The Medico Legal Congress in Sydney Australia. Visit her website for further details.

As an Educator

Bianca is an experienced digital health and law educator, She has been teaching University Law for the past decade and has taught and examined Law students in over twenty different law subjects including Constitutional Law, Administrative Law, Digital Health, Gene Patents, Health Law, Statutory Interpretation (Advanced), Civil Procedure, and many more. She brings her diverse knowledge of law and digital health to each role.

Consider her as an adjunct, guest lecturer, trainer or speaker.

Bianca has an intimate understanding of the power of the healthcare network and she is very approachable and open to expanding her global links. We recommend taking the opportunity to add her knowledge and expertise to your networks.

Getting in touch with Bianca

Visit her website

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