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John Nosta of NOSTALAB

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The one voice in digital health you cannot choose to ignore.

If you’re involved in digital health then you’ve heard the name John Nosta, in fact, most in the healthcare field are familiar with his name. He is a leading light in the digital healthcare sector, a thought leader who challenges the status quo and disrupts for change. Very few voices are as respected and if you don’t believe us, see what these industry icons have to say about a man that has arguably become an icon in his own right.

John Nosta combines passion with knowledge and delivers more than a speech, he provides an engaged conversation that informs and moves his audience. John’s domain knowledge of medicine, technology, and marketing makes him a keen observer of digital health and only one of a handful of thought-leaders that can clearly articulate the importance of this movement in human history.

− John Sculley, Former CEO, Apple Computers and Pepsi

John Nosta provides a comprehensive perspective on the digital health movement. With unique sensitivities to science, consumer engagement, and brand marketing, he tells a story that helps drive mindshare and market share. 

− Eric Topol, MD, Cardiologist, Editor-in-Chief, Medscape, Scripps Health Chief Academic Officer

John founded NOSTALAB in 2013, an  “innovation think tank” that focuses on the emergence of technology and the implications to health, wellness, medicine, and the pharmaceutical industry.  The extent of his influence was recognized by the World Health Organization and in 2019 he was appointed as a founding member to their Digital Health Roster of Experts, a position he still occupies

.In 2014 Google appointed him to their Health Advisory Board, created to acquire a better understanding of the problems consumers and providers face every day and offer feedback on product ideas and development. He continues to contribute to this Board and is also an active contributor to Forbes Magazine.

Meet John Nosta

Perhaps the best way to gain insight into what drives John Nosta is to examine the ethos of NOSTLAB Here is how the website describes the ThinkTank.

On their Mind

“Thinking is what we do best. We apply our thinking to solve creative and strategic problems that seem either insurmountable or unthinkable. At times, we’ve even discovered new problems and challenges and proactively sought out solutions as preemptive strikes against second-rate thinking.”

On their Soul

“We are digital. We are health. We are also defiant, bold, and closely connected to imaginative thinkers and risk–takers who define digital health. Our philosophy is grounded in brilliance yet our methodology has often pushed us over the “practical ledge” and forced us to build wings on the way down. We like to fly.”

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NOSTALAB exists to empower innovation with outlandish thinking. They connect the dots of genius and help drive the digital health revolution and behind the company sits the driving force that is John Nosta, questioning conventional and accepted wisdom and pushing the boundaries of modern health.

Despite his status in the industry, John remains approachable and exudes a thoughtful humility that has served him well. He is the one person you cannot choose to ignore in the field of digital health and your network has to include his thoughts and opinions. You can connect with him below.

Getting in touch with John Nosta

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