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Marjorie Taylor Green Needs a Primer on How Birth Control Works

Georgia Republican Marjorie Taylor Green spreads misinformation about Plan B emergency contraception while voting against birth control access for Veterans.

Gabor Maté’s Bizarre Ideas on Connections Between Stress and Disease

Gabor Maté’s issues are with evidence, not the West and with public health, not medicine, but who takes him seriously? Lots of otherwise smart people seem to…or maybe not.

Looking for ROI? Employee Wellness Creates a Sustainable Business Model

This nation spends way too much on healthcare; $3.7 trillion annually. America may be the land of the free, but it is also becoming the home of the chronically ill.

Private Practice: Solution Mode to Survival Mode

A true glimpse into the process of transitioning a practice and how it can be a great solution to the issues facing private practices. Many are struggling,