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I am a pharmacist and a patient advocate who is passionate about patient safety, empathy in healthcare, health equity, and bringing voiceless patient experiences to the conversations of healthcare innovation. Being a patient safety and quality improvement fanatic, I am learning skills and seeking ways to bring better communication in healthcare, as most problems in healthcare, whether it is teamwork, patient-provider relationships, patient and AI, and interprofessional relationships, communication is the key! My vision as a Pharmacist is international collaboration among the countries who have the same equity problems for patients with language barriers. Together, I believe, the problem can be solved, but only if we start talking about it more
United States
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Pharmacist, patient advocate
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University of Illinois are Chicago
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Patient safety, health literacy, quality improvement, health equity, minority health, empathy in healthcare, patient advocacy
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Let’s show the aligned purpose of caring for the well-being of patients!

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Your end-users are ultimately patients, no matter who uses your product. A healthcare professional makes a direct request to the digital health sector

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Mental Health protocols for providers have to start with caring for healthcare workers so that we can care properly for our patients.

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