Environmental Impact




COVID Became a MedTech Proving Ground Pointing to Planetary Health Priorities

Medika Health Tech Hot Spot Travelogue – 1st Stop on the Global Ecohealth and Health Tech Tour - Tel Aviv! "Global State of Digital Health" is a travel guide to innovation.

UN Panel Warns of the Dire Consequences of Climate Change

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) issued its latest assessment on global efforts to address climate change and the dire consequences if we don't heed the warnings.

Harvesting the Breeze: Unleashing the Power of Wind Energy

Wind's Great Potential Can Only Be Proven Through Precision Measurement

Communication: The Missing Link Between Vision and Progress on Environment and Social Responsibility Priorities

One could be forgiven for taking a pessimistic outlook on our world, given the current state of our global household.