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College Applicants Do Have the Means to Fight Mental Health Discrimination

Those with mental health disorders may find it especially hard to fill out college applications and wait for a response, which can be a very stressful time. If denied, there are ways to handle possible discrimination.

The Forgotten in Mental Health Facilities Do Have a Few Advocates

Psychiatry has not a checkered past but a past that must push all of us into a more enlightened future. Relating the past, just...

How Somatic Body Responses Benefit Your Coaching Practice

The best way we can self regulate is to understand and accept our own physical and emotional response in the here and now. In this experience, we remain authentic to ourselves and with others.

Try This Exercise For An Embodied Exploration of Gender

Ball culture is fascinating and exhilarating to watch. A psychotherapeutic perspective of encouraging people to explore the multi-dimensions of their gender