Therapies and Therapists




Beware the Strike of an “Evil” Therapist

If someone, with a predilection toward skirting the rules of ethics related to psychotherapy, were to be in a position of power, what would they do? Could they harm us in some way?

Why Is There No True, Empathic Patient Engagement or Is There?”

Healthcare professionals have entered a field where empathy, compassion, and an ability to relate well to patients are implicitly mandated.

Suicidology Is Corrupted by Researchers Who Say Things That Aren’t in Their Data

Journals are a big part of the problem of misrepresented or misinterpreted data. They seduce researchers with temptations that they cannot resist

Cleverly Using Semantics to Deceive and Avoid Licensing as a Therapist?

Coaching, without a doubt, is big business, and it is estimated to bring in $11B in 2021. There is little control over the use of the term “life coach,” and it is an unregulated industry