The Cohen Clinic Expands Mental Health Treatments for Active Duty Service Members

Active-duty military service members now have a new option for individual mental health treatment. The Cohen Clinic at Metrocare in Addison, Texas announced a new initiative to fill the void for those making a civilian life transition.

The Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinic at Metrocare is a non-profit mental health clinic serving veterans and their families throughout North Texas. The Addison clinic previously offered couples and group therapy to active duty servicemen and women. This expansion of services announcement opens the door for any active-duty personnel to seek individual treatment.

Veterans and active-duty members face a variety of potential mental health challenges. Like civilians, Covid-19 has exacerbated these life stressors.

Metrocare providers have been offering North Texan veterans evidence-based care since 2016 for a wide range of mental health challenges. Help is available for depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress. Other families seek help for adjustment issues, anger management, and grief counseling. The clinic also provides therapy for service members struggling with family issues and relationship problems. The family-friendly environment also provides care for children.

The Cohen Clinic at Metrocare also offers case management services to connect veteran families to community resources and services.

The Addison clinic is nearing its fifth anniversary serving the community. This office is one of the original sites of the now nationwide Cohen Veterans Network (CVN). Military families now can get the help they need at one of the 19 Steven A. Cohen Military Family Clinics across the country.

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Clinic Director Dr. Amy M. Williams highlights the need to provide mental health care throughout the continuum of military service, stating, “By including the individual active duty service members, we can begin to address problems closer to their onset instead of waiting until after service discharge. Providing timely and effective mental health care strengthens our military and, ultimately, our veteran population.”

The Cohen Clinic is partnered locally with Metrocare, the largest behavioral health services provider in Dallas County. Together, they have served over 2,000 North Texas veterans and family members.

To reach more people in need, The Cohen clinic builds on existing partnerships with the Department of Defense, the VA, and veteran service organizations (VSOs) throughout North Texas. The VA offers specific tools to help veterans cope with the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. They acknowledge making the transition to civilian life was already difficult. The pandemic adds to the stress and mental toll.

The 2020 National Defense Authorization Act authorized the Department of Defense to find community-based care for veterans if DoD could not arrange an internal referral. The Cohen clinic fills the void for our service members making the transition to civilian life.

The Covid-19 did not stop the Cohen Clinic at Metrocare from providing mental health treatment access. Telehealth and virtual care access continued through the CVN Telehealth platform. Virtual therapy options expanded access for service members in various military installations across the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.

As in-person visits resume the clinic plans to restart its Military Family Clinic Classes to help provide holistic and comprehensive care to the entire family.

Improving access is an essential step in caring for those who serve in the Us military. Data from 2012 showed veterans reported severe psychological distress more often than nonveterans, but less than 5% report the distress. Public health experts now prioritize the well-being of military personnel and their families.

Serious psychological distress among men aged 25–64, by age group and veteran status: United States, 2007–2010 SOURCE: CDC/NCHS, National Health Interview Survey, 2007–2010.

Any active-duty service member is eligible for care with a Tricare referral.

For more information, check the company website: Cohen Veterans Network news release.

Learn more about the Cohen clinic’s mission and values here.


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