Tuesday, March 9, 2021

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Life Coaches, Let’s Talk About Credentials

I am fascinated to see what certifications support their career endeavor. 90% of the profiles I have come across lately have limited to no education or experience.

Mental health tips for the virtual office

Join our expert panel for a masterclass in mental health and wellbeing for remote teams and a re-introduction to our My Whole Self campaign.

Your Brain on Cortisol During COVID-19, Your Brain on #Neurononsense

Judging from Amazon reviews, there really seems to be a mutual admiration society of advice gurus and self-help experts just loving each other’s work. All self-help merchandise have ratings way above average

Is Social Media the Answer to Mental Health Problems? Do Masks Play a Role?

Always available with hundreds or thousands of listening ears and scanning eyes, social media has taken over communications, but has it always provided a benefit?

Three Ways Virginia Satir Influenced Gestalt Psychotherapy

Call Virginia Satir a pioneer. Call her the “Mother of Family Therapy.” No matter the title, Virginia Satir influenced Gestalt's psychotherapy development in three ways

Psychotherapy’s Got an Unpleasant Image Problem

Our foibles make us who we are, and perfection may not be what we want or need. What we want is to be understood, accepted, and helped when we need help.

Suicide and Self-Harm Enablers Are Out There Now

As in other psychiatric hospitals, there are always those patients who are willing to share any number of ways to commit self-harm or suicide.

Why Didn’t a Review Examine Whether Brief Interventions to Prevent Suicide Actually Reduced Deaths?

Every death by suicide, every effort at serious self-harm is a tragedy and a loss, not only for a person but for a circle of people for whom that person’s life has meaning.

Covid’s Silent and Sinister Effect on the Married Lives of Healthcare Workers

Many Healthcare professionals are feeling more and more isolated as the separation between home and work becomes more pronounced for a number of reasons

America Is Bursting at the Seams with Deadly Stress

Stress is both a poison and a stealthy robber of our bodies and our souls. It works in nefarious ways to undermine every bit of us, both physical and mental, without noticing it’s there.

The Shadow of a Smile Has Magic in It

Today the field of psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) is one that strongly supports the idea that we can manage our nervous and immune system by our emotions.

Working in Healthcare During COVID-19? Tips for Reducing Burnout and Overwhelm

Healthcare professionals during the pandemic are in the most challenging and riskiest jobs in these times. Frontline workers provide essential services to help patients and clients remain healthy while trying to stay well themselves.