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You Don’t Have to Live With a Leaky Vagina

If you suffer from a prolapsed uterus, especially after pregnancy, then pelvic floor therapy offers real benefit and may even help you avoid a hysterectomy.

Deceptive Fairy Tales and the Desperate Worshiping at the Altar of Beauty

Fairy tales begin to embed the belief in childhood that beauty is the primary goal of life, and we believe it to our detriment.

Is Alzheimer’s Damage Linked to Deadly Pollution of Babies, Not Old Age?

Alzheimer’s disease isn’t a disease of old age; it begins in infancy, possibly even before birth, because of pollution. Pollution, therefore, initiates the death spiral even before children can walk and talk.

Breakthrough Infections Dramatically Enhance COVID Immunity

I do not wish a breakthrough infection on anyone. If one does get a breakthrough, though, the silver lining is that the immunity after such infection is very, very robust.