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When Death Is Inevitable, Why Is Our DNR Ignored?

A peaceful death is what all of us wish for, and with that in mind, many will prepare a DNR form. Why do healthcare professionals ignore our requests?

If You’re Unvaccinated for Covid Can Your Doctor Refuse to Treat You?

Are doctors legally and ethically obliged to provide unvaccinated Covid patients with care or can they choose to refuse treatment

Ironhand 2.0 – The new version of award-winning exoskeleton glove

Medtech company Bioservo Technologies is releasing an updated version of the groundbreaking exoskeleton glove – Ironhand® 2.0

‘Impending Intergenerational Crisis’: Americans With Disabilities Lack Long-Term Care Plans

Congress recently put about $12.7 billion toward enhancing state Medicaid programs for home- and community-based services for people with disabilities, but that money will be available only through March 2025.