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A Doctor Questions His Future as Recertification Looms

A Doctor preparing to sit his third certification exam questions his future. Is it time to hang up his stethoscope or is there still a future for him in medicine

The Paradox of America’s Healthcare System

Outstanding Science and Providers But Dysfunctional Delivery of Care - perspectives of a physician expert.

New CRISPR-Based Test for COVID-19 Uses a Smartphone Camera

Imagine swabbing your nostrils, putting the swab in a device, and getting a read-out on your phone in 15 to 30 minutes that tells you if you are infected with the COVID-19 virus

How Medika’s Quack Scale Works

To help you sort out the schemers and con artists Medika has set up our own Quack Scale for you to easily and quickly identify healthcare professionals that pose a risk to your health and mental wellbeing.