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Medika’s Call for Food Aid for Starving Filipino Children

Help us support starving Children in the Philippines by donating to our MOBILIZE™ Food Aid Project this November. Meet the families your donations are feeding and see how your money is helping.

Aiding and Abetting a Virus

Viruses are the ultimate freeloaders. The best among them — influenza, smallpox and SARS-CoV-2 — spread easily among human hosts while delivering high mortality...

Unearth Your Medical Records And Be Prepared For Surprises

How much do you know about what’s in all those medical records and databases about you? Shouldn’t you have a copy for review and safekeeping?

Understanding Hormones: the roles of Estrogen and Progesterone

How Estrogen and Progesterone levels affect women. These hormones play a key role in pregnancy and are also present in men.