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HT World Correspondent and Medika Editor Gil Bashe Talks with the Medika50 Influencer Who Put Everything On the Line for Patients

HT World talks to the healthcare influencer who put everything on the line for patient advocacy on her mission to deliver change on many fronts.

Does Vaccination Against COVID-19 Really Work?

I think, at this stage in the pandemic, that we are beyond stressing over whether or not people are vaccinated against SARS CoV-2. I...

Making Advanced Cancer a Chronic Disease

“CANCER SPREAD” HAS SUCH dreadful implications. Having helped individuals with cancer for over three decades, discussions around metastases still shake me. Fortunately, age-adjusted death rates are...

Women Need to be Aware of These Eight Silent Signs of a Hernia

Learn about the silent symptoms of hernias in women, who are predisposed to umbilical hernias. Men can also experience these symptoms