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FINN Partners Brings Aboard the Pharmacy Podcast Network

FINN Partners announces Pharmacy Podcast Network will join FINN starting December 1st, 2021, expnding FINN's Omni Channel Communications

The Wearables Expert ™ Interviews Dr. Ali Parsa

Episode 6. João Bocas - The Wearables Expert ™ Interviews Dr. Ali Parsa, CEO of Babylon, on Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence

Vaccine Patents Come with Ethical Dilemmas Bringing Life or Death

Patents are essential in the pharmaceutical industry to ensure commercial viability and financial returns but how do they effect public access to vaccines in a pandemic?

FDA Approval of New Drug for Alzheimer’s Offers Hope

The FDA approves Aduhelm for the treatment of early Alzheimer's disease. Aduhelm targets brain plaque formation to slow the rate of cognitive decline.