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Rafael Grossmann, MD, FACS

The leading voices in Digital Healthcare

Known in the industry for being the first surgeon to perform surgery using Google’s “glass” Dr. Grossmann is a clinician innovator who has personally advanced innovation in digital health through his conceptual ideas and ‘real-life’ engagements in clinical practice. An ardent proponent of VR and Augmented Reality, Dr. Gossman has been able to demonstrate firsthand how these emerging technologies can impact the lives of patients in the hands of skilled surgeons.

Dr.Grossmann was recently selected by Medika Life as one of the most influential voices in digitl healthcare in 2021 and this feature will give you a closer insight into what drives him and his vision of medicine, moving forward.

Meet Rafael Grossmann

To gain a true understanding of exactly what drives Rafael Grossmann, we reached out to him for his thoughts on medicine and the industry.

“Technology is just an asset to the basic and most important qualities of a medical provider,   compassion, and empathy”.

Dr. Rafael Grossmann

I’m a full-time practicing surgeon in Maine, USA.  My specialties include General, Trauma, Advanced Laparoscopic, Single Incision and Robotic Assisted Surgery. I believe that being a full-time clinician and educator, with real patients and with a deep passion for innovation technology, gives me the singular advantage and the firm compromise to spread a message of how technology, applied in an intelligent manner, can re-shape our future in ways that we can only dream of.

As a global speaker, Healthcare and Education technologist, and futurist, I passionately preach the message of “constructive disruption” of these industries by the intuitive, smart use of exponential technologies.  Throughout my career, I have focused on tapping the paradoxical power of technology to coexist with better, more humane medical care. As a healthcare futurist, being a full-time practicing surgeon gives me the rare skills, qualities, and advantages to combine and enhance both passions.

In June 20th of 2013, I was the first doctor to ever use Google Glass during live surgery (Currently focusing Spatial Computing, on MagicLeap and Hololens applications in Healthcare & Education)  Being a telemedicine, Global Health and Digital Medicine advocate, I’m a strong believer in the power of technology to augment healthcare and education, to better connect providers and patients.

I’m absolutely convinced that innovation in healthcare technology, along with the current developments in Mobile and Wearable platforms, Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality, along with AI, Deep Learning, Blockchain, Nanotechnology, 3D printing, and Robotics will exponentially improve healthcare connectivity, communication, and data management, and result in more efficient, intuitive, less expensive and ultimately better and more empathic patient care and Medical Education, as well as improved Global Access to Healthcare.

Keynote Speaker

With numerous TedX talks under his belt, Dr.Grossmann is the perfect keynote speaker for your next technology/healthcare-based event. His clear passion for his industry and his broad experience make him highly sought after at public events.

He believes in presentations that included top quality media, striking visuals, and direct interaction with the audience.  His goal is to truly spark interest and curiosity in your audience, to give them a first exposure or an in-depth view of exponential technologies that have the potential to radically change how we connect and communicate, how we do healthcare and education.

His activities always include demonstrations and hands-on sessions of the latest technology available.

Getting in touch with Dr. Grossman

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Visit Dr Rafael Grossmann’s Website

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