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A $30 Million Gift to Build an Addiction Treatment Center. Then Staffers Had to Run It.

If you had $30 million to design an addiction treatment facility, how would you do it?

Self-indulgent Are Scamming the System with “Emotional Support” Animals

The smiling older woman proceeded to briskly walk through the automatic doors of the pharmacy, her tiny dog wearing a red vest, bravely attempting...

Depression isn’t Caused by Low Serotonin Level, Are SSRIs still Effective?

Several previous studies have concluded that SSRIs can significantly reduce the risk of depression. However, a recent study refutes this.

Old Theories, Questionable Experts, and Mental Disturbances Need to Be Deconstructed

Zeitgeist is a word we don’t often use today, but it is as relevant today as it was when I attended graduate school. Yet, we...