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The Facts About Fetal Cells and Covid Vaccines Explained

Fact checking the use of fetal cells in vaccines. Understanding how vaccines are manufactured and tested will help allay your fears about any risk from

Omicron “Mild”? Hardly.

I keep reading that the Omicron variant is much milder: "The details of the Omicron variant are becoming clearer, and they are encouraging," writes...

Kratom is an Unregulated Addictive Drug That Kills

Kratom is a a highly addictive, unregulated drug. It has been brought into the US by importers, often via illegal routes, for the last decade and is frequently seized by the FDA and destroyed

New Survey Reveals 6 in 10 Parents in Favor of Covid Vaccine for Their Child

Find out how American parents feel about having their children vaccinated against Covid. Opinions are influenced by political, racial and ethnic differences.